TJMG Portal

UX/UI Designer

I applied a UX methodology to design and develop the new TJMG portal. This included user research, surveys, "card sort", site flow, navigation planning, accessibility needs, wireframes, prototypes, UI design and usability testing.

The UX Challenge

One of the client's exigences was to have a User Experience Methodology to make the new Portal user-centered design. So, this project should be user driven from the very beginning. I act as a UX/UI Designer in a team of two. We had to run surveys and do interviews, run Card Sort sessions to define the Information Architecture, design prototypes and put them to test before start building it. All integrated with the IT requirements.

The UX Approach

This portal had two distinct publics: the local population that used the information and the services, and the judges and lawyers. To well measure the Portal objectives x user needs, we had to run some surveys to reach the general public and interviews with the judges from the tribunal. With the results in hand, we had the profiles and we were able to define Personas.

The content and functionalities were mapped and reorganized based on these Personas. Then, put to test with Card Sort sessions inside the tribunal, with representants from many departments. This had a very positive impact on the project. The people involved felt more engaged in the project, helping the team with input through the entire development.

After designing the Portal, to guarantee its continuous growth, I prepared a training session with the communication department, explaining UX, techniques and how to well feed the portal having in mind usability and accessibility principles.

The Final Product

The success of the project and the engagement of the teams involved make this a great project. The users were very satisfied with the final results, being able to find easily content and online functionalities that were somehow hidden before.