Mosaic Store

UX/UI Designer and Front-End Developer

Award-winning Mi9 Mosaic Clienteling places customer-centric retailing at the fingertips of sales associates with an accessible, cross-platform mobile clienteling solution. Mi9 Mosaic Clienteling is a powerful relationship selling system designed to enhance engagement with customers at every step of their journey. This robust solution leverages real-time visibility into customers‚ omni-channel activities with wish lists, preferences and contact details.

Mi9 Mosaic POS is a complete retail point of sale solution that provides extensive cross-platform mobile point of sale functionality in real-time, making it a must-have for up-to-the-second access to omni-channel product and customer information.

The UX Challenge

There was no such app in the market by the time we start developing Mosaic Clienteling. The company had already started the development when I joined the team. I was the only UX designer in the team and I arrived with the role of creating best practices on project development following usability approach for the whole company.

The project had some use-cases and wireframes ready. It was a web-based app converted on iPad app using Cordova. My challenge, in the beginning, was to review the project idea and validate/modify flows, interaction and the whole UI as well as develop the UI to guarantee pixel-perfect details.

The UX Approach

To successfully build this new application, I worked with Back-End and Front-End developers. I reviewed the documentation and create new artifacts to present to the teams, such as new wireframes and prototypes. After validation, I started creating some High Fidelity Mockups that led to the new Visual Identity. At the same time, the second app, Mosaic POS started and I used the knowledge acquired to make them both consistent.

Since the clients were satisfied with the results, the company decided to migrate their legacy software into the new Mosaic Suite, creating a new challenge. This made both Clienteling and POS to grow considerably, making me review many times the projects to keep consistency as we're adding functionalities.

In the meantime, the Montreal company was acquired by Mi9 Retail. With the new direction, another roll of modifications was demanded - from an entire UI refresh to new interactions and integration with their software.

The Final Product

A complete solution for efficient retail store operations including POS, Clienteling, Order Management, Inventory, and more.

With Mi9 Mosaic Store, retailers can use mobile technology to engage customers and run their businesses in new and exciting ways. The solution can run on your choice of hardware including tablet, till, and workstation using iOS, Windows, or Android operating systems, making it a must-have for line busting and special sales anywhere in the store.

Wireframe & Prototyping