UX/UI Designer

Following the success achieved with Ambiance, Community presents a different configuration for multi-housing. Now, with the new Dormakaba branding based on the most important aesthetic elements at both former Dorma and Kaba. The design is tightly connected to the company's single brand strategy.

In this project, I act as UX/UI Designer consultant as in Ambiance.

The UX Challenge

Using Ambiance as a base, this app suite uses many of its features. There are some differences, but basically on some new specific apps. Also, with the new Dormakaba branding, I had to completely review the UI using the new Branding Manual.

The UX Approach

In this project, the most important feature was to bring the multihousing app to the Ambiance standard, keeping consistency, but being very careful with the different users. Changing the public made it a little harder, once the profiles are not exactly the same. But the lessons learned during this new project made us modify some other elements on Ambiance as well.

The other challenge was to adequate the new branding to the suite without modifying drastically what was done until now. The advantage was to have a good branding manual and with my knowledge of visual identity, I was able to modify the UI as well as creating new icons and styles.

The Community project with its new UI was put to test using Sketch and InVision to simulate before developing.

The Final Product

Community brings new apps and a completely new UI based on the new branding, without losing its identity.