UX/UI Designer

Ambiance is dormakaba's next-generation software solution meeting the property's complete access control needs. Web-based and managed through configurable user permissions and secured system access, Ambiance users can manage guests either through the native client or interfaced through their property management system (PMS). Property configuration, key creation and user management are simpler than ever because of the software's guided workflows supporting faster user adoption.

The UX Challenge

Dormakaba is a long time in the market and even with a solid product, some of their apps need to be reviewed in terms of technology and usability. The new app suite is a web app that works on any device, from tablets to desktops.

I worked as a UX designer consultant analyzing each functionality to fit in a completely renewed suite of apps. As a consultant, I work most of the time remotely with weekly meetings to discuss the work in progress and plan the new functionalities.

The UX Approach

This project was an internal effort to refresh some of the company's apps, so when I started working with the team, they already had some work done, as the first wireframes, personas and use cases. Overall, I studied the documentation, the legacy software and started a usability analysis.

We started with the most complex app using wireframes to define the structure and navigation. Then, the UI was based on the Angle Template to reuse most of its elements.

From the beginning, the project success made the company migrate other apps to the suite, making it more and more complex. Then, the new challenge was to keep consistency both visually and interactive through so many apps.

After having already defined UI, navigation, interaction and gathering all that information on a development guidebook, we kept defining new apps using directly the prototype built with Sketch and inVision.

During the development, the app was submitted to usability tests to guarantee it's quality, guiding some of the decisions.

The Final Product

Ambiance, the next generation access management software solution was developed to be operating system and hardware flexible, it offers the ability to be deployed on a mobile device or traditional workstation without usability loss due to its HTML5 architecture. Backed by a library of web services and Application Program Interfaces (API), the software has been designed to easily interface with third-party tools such as Property Management System (PMS).

It is possible to make changes in minutes and manage Ambiance locally: property configuration, user and staff management, access management and scheduling are now easier to control than ever before. It also offers flexible deployment options to meet particular needs and IT resources.

Ambiance Access Management Software