Ambiance is dormakaba‚ next-generation software solution meeting the property‚ complete access control needs. Web-based and managed through configurable user permissions and secured system access. Property configuration, key creation, and user management are simpler than ever because of the software‚ guided workflows supporting faster user adoption.

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Mosaic Store

With Mi9 Mosaic, retailers can use mobile technology to engage customers and run their businesses in new and exciting ways. The solution can run on your choice of hardware including tablet, till, and workstation using iOS, Windows, or Android operating systems, making it a must-have for line busting and special sales anywhere in the store.

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Following the success achieved with Ambiance, Community presents a different configuration for multi-housing. Now, with the new Dormakaba branding based on the most important aesthetic elements at both former Dorma and Kaba. The design is tightly connected to the company's single brand strategy.

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I applied a UX methodology to design and develop the new TJMG portal. This included user research, surveys, "card sort", site flow, navigation planning, accessibility needs, wireframes, prototypes, UI design and usability testing.

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Similar to TJMG, I applied the same UX methodology. But as the project was smaller and the deadline shorter, the disciplines and deliverables were different. This project put in proof the flexibility of the methodology used.

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Rota dos Concursos

It's an e-learning website specialized on exams in order to work for the Brazilian Government. The client wanted to determine what aspects of the website should be improved in order to increase the conversion rate and make it user-friendly.

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What my colleagues say

"I've worked with Felipe and he demonstraded very high UI/UX skills. He is a genius in CSS, Html and Javascript technologies. He gives the users what they want, they will be able to use the application effectively and efficiently. In addition, he always worked hard to delivery the application on time. Very good teamworker!"

- Cicero Oliveira, .Net Developer at Dormakaba

"Felipe is the best UX designer I have worked with. He's talented, professional, hard-worker and extremely focused to achieve the best results in all the projects he's involved. He has a lot of valuable experience in mobile and web development. A great addition to any team!"

- Joshy Joseph, Team Lead at Mi9 Retail

"Felipe is a complete professional. It is hard to find so many skills in just one person. He has knowledge and experience in many stages of a Web Project. From the concept, structure analysis, information architecture, navigation, UI design to the Front-End development. I work with Felipe since 2004 and I hope I keep working with him.

- Cassia Calil, Project Manager at FASOLTI